About James Wood Middle

  • Mission

    The James Wood Middle School Bulldog Team values all members of our school community and is dedicated to building life-long learners.

    We are committed to developing opportunities for academic, social and emotional growth. Our students have unique abilities, talents and learning styles; therefore, we accept our responsibility to provide a safe, supportive school climate and implement instructional programs, including remediation and enrichment, that cultivate the success of all students.

    We are dedicated to employing the collaborative resources of staff, students, parents and our community to ensure that our students achieve the highest quality education possible.


    An excellent school has a shared commitment to the teaching and learning process. It effectively provides for maximum learning by emphasizing high standards for staff, students, school climate and curriculum.

    We believe that each member of the school community possesses identifiable responsibilities for ensuring the success of the school's mission.

    Therefore, we embrace the following:


    All staff members demonstrate professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication to the educational process. To achieve this, the staff of James Wood Middle School commits to:

    • Exhibit professionalism through our commitment to high quality work, respectful relationships and interactions with colleagues and students
    • Display enthusiasm through positive attitude and a passion for learning
    • Demonstrate dedication to learning through continued professionalism that supports effective instructional strategies
    • Model the Frederick County Public School's Character Education Core Traits of Respect, Integrity, Citizenship, Honesty, Empathy, Caring and Responsibility


    All students achieve academic success and develop an enthusiasm for life long learning. To achieve this, the staff of James Wood Middle School commits to:

    • Ensure academic success by identifying individual students' needs and provide opportunities for enrichment and remediation (PRISMS, SOAR, SOL academy academic review, CRISS strategies, IEP modifications and implementation, learning lab, parent conferences)
    • Develop life-long learners by teaching problem solving, higher-level thinking, and real-life applications


    Our school fosters a climate that nurtures a sense of belonging, respect for diversity, and pride. To achieve this, the staff of James Wood Middle School commits to:

    • Be responsible for all students at all times
    • Welcome and respect everyone's point of view
    • Understand and integrate multicultural education
    • Model Frederick County Public Schools core character traits: Respect, Integrity, Citizenship, Honesty Empathy, Caring and Responsibility
    • Recognize achievements of student and staff
    • Support teams, clubs, and activities
    • Keep the school building and grounds clean