School Counseling

  • Every school provides guidance and counseling services to all students. Read 324P - School Guidance and Counseling Programs.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Millbrook High School Counseling Department is to provide a quality school counseling program for all students. The comprehensive program focuses on academic and career planning, as well as social and personal development. School counselors are student advocates who provide support for students to maximize their learning potential. They provide encouragement for the development of healthy interpersonal relationships, characterized by respect, kindness, responsibility, healthy choices, and an open mind. In collaboration with other educators, parents/guardians, and the community, Millbrook High School counselors provide guidance and support to prepare all students for educated, productive lives.

  • School Counselor Assignments

    For your convenience and to be sure your student's counselor is available, please contact the School Counseling Office to schedule an appointment.

  • Contact Information

    Phone: 540-545-2800
    Fax: 540-545-8662
    CEEB Code: #472431

  • AP Exam Registration

    From October 10 - 21, students may register to take Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

    The cost of taking each AP exam is $97. Final payment for all enrolled exams will be due on or before March 10, 2023.

    AP exams will be administered during the three–week exam window of May 1 - 4, May 9 - 13, and May 17 - 19, 2023.  Transportation to and from the exam site will be the responsibility of the student/family.  Additional details regarding the testing process will be shared in the spring.  

    For more information, contact the school counseling department or visit

    Students interested in taking an AP exam are to fill out the Google Form that will be emailed to them on Monday, October 10 from Mrs. Kim Baer.  After completing the form, students will receive payment information from Mrs. Baer.  Once the payment is received, students will be given a code to officially register for the exam through their College Board account.  

    Please email Mrs. Kim Baer at if you have any questions.



    Career Exploration through ASVAB testing

    Juniors and seniors interested in determining possible careers that align with their interests may register for the ASVAB test starting Tuesday, October 18th.

    Students interested in a military career should also register to take the ASVAB

    A Google form will be emailed to all juniors and seniors on Tuesday, October 18th.  The form must be completed by Friday, November 4th for students to be registered for the ASVAB.

    The ASVAB is free for all MHS juniors and seniors.