School Counseling

  • Every school provides counseling services to all students. Read 324P - School Guidance and Counseling Programs.

    Members of the school counseling staff work with classroom teachers through various school and community services. Together they assist pupils with better understanding themselves, developing their abilities and intellectual capacities, making wise decisions, and preparing for and living satisfying and successful lives. All this is accomplished relative to students' abilities, interests, and needs.

    In order to meet these needs, the scope of our program embraces the following services:

    • registration and orientation of students
    • maintenance of individual cumulative records
    • testing of students and interpretation of results to teachers, students, and parents
    • counseling with students (career and personal)
    • provision and interpretation of educational and occupational information to students and parents
    • educational and employment placement of students
    • follow up of graduates
    • use of community agencies
    • interpreting needs of the students to the administration and those in charge of instruction
    • liaison agent for pupil, parents, and school

    Counselor Assignments

    Ms. Candice Longoria (A-Divittorio)

    Ms. Allison Blum (Dodrill-Jones)

    Ms. Carmen Thompson (Jose-Ouk)

    Mrs. Stacy Jeran (Owens-Taveras)

    Mrs. Amber Mungavin, Director (Taylor-Z)

    To schedule an appointment with your counselor, please complete and submit the SHS School Counseling Sign Up Form.

    Additional Counseling Staff

    Ms. Kelly Lodge, Secretary

    Mrs. Tracey White, Registrar

    Ms. Stephanie Noel, Accountability Specialist


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  • Upcoming Counseling Events

    • College Night 2022: Wednesday, September 28 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm (Apple Blossom Mall)
    • Financial Aid Presentation: Wednesday, October 12 from 6:00 - 7:00 pm (SHS Auditorium)
    • FAFSA Workshop: Wednesday, November 9 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm (SHS Library)