Emergency Updates

  • Frederick County Public Schools will use this page to communicate information in the event of an emergency. There are no emergencies at this time.

    What to Do in Case of Emergency

    1. Please do not go to the school or scene of an emergency unless you are asked to do so. Your presence may interfere with emergency response.

    2. Get accurate information and instructions. Listen for messages from the FCPS Rapid Communication System. These messages will be sent via home phone, cell phone, e-mail and text message.

    3. Do not listen to or spread rumors. The school division will provide frequent updates in the event of an emergency. This page and the messages from the Rapid Communication System are the best sources for accurate information in the event of an emergency.

    4. Do not respond to a child's request to leave school. Tell your child to remain calm and follow all instructions from school officials.

    Safety and Security Tools

    FCPS uses a variety of tools to promote safety and security. Learn more about the following tools:

    • Buzz-in Entry System - All schools are equipped with a buzz-in entry system. The system requires everyone visiting a school to utilize an intercom system to identify themselves and the reason for their visit prior to being granted entry into the building.

    • Raptor Visitor Management System - Everyone visiting a school facility is required to present a valid, government-issued ID which will be scanned through the system and checked against registered sex offender and other databases that may include custody orders and information on those individuals prohibited from visiting school grounds. Those who are cleared by the system will be issued a badge bearing their name and photo as well as the date, time of entry and destination.

    • Copsync911 - FCPS has partnered with the Frederick County Sheriff's Office to utilize the COPsync911 threat alert service to inform first responders when an emergency situation arises at a school. Once activated, COPsync911 notifies the 911 dispatch center and the closest law enforcement officers at the same time. The system also enables the school to have real-time, live communication with officers and the dispatch center.