• The budget provides the framework for all financial decisions of the division. Frederick County Public Schools' budget process is outlined in Policy 709P, Operations and Finance - Budget. The Superintendent, with assistance from staff, prepares a preliminary budget. Many factors influence the proposed budget and include, but are not limited to, economic conditions, enrollment growth, public input, and initiatives that support the FCPS mission and goals.

    Frederick County Public Schools has been awarded the Meritorious Budget Award for excellence in the preparation and issuance of its budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024, presented by the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO). ASBO International’s MBA and Pathway to the MBA promote and recognize best budget presentation practices in school districts. Participants submit their applications and budget documents to a panel of school financial professionals who review the materials for compliance with the MBA Criteria Checklist and other requirements and provide expert feedback that districts can use to improve their budget documents. Districts that successfully demonstrate they have met the necessary program requirements may earn either the MBA or Pathway to the MBA (Pathway). “Districts that apply to the MBA or Pathway to the MBA programs recognize the importance of presenting a high-quality, easy-to-understand budget internally and to the community,” ASBO International Executive Director David J. Lewis explains. “By participating in the programs, not only do districts have access to the tools and resources they need to communicate the district’s goals and objectives clearly, they demonstrate their commitment to upholding nationally recognized budget presentation standards.” Our district has held this award consistently since 2013.

    FY 2024 Budget

    FY24 Approved Budget (Full Document)
    FY24 Capital Asset Plan
    FY24 Approved Budget Summary
    2023-24 Strategic Plan and Budget Priorities

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