About Armel

  • Mission

    Create an optimal learning environment which enables all students to achieve their fullest potential by providing quality education with the mutual support of educators, students, parents, peers and the community.

    Achieve - We believe success is unique to each student and all students can achieve success.

    Educate - We believe we need to educate the whole child based on the needs of each individual so the student becomes a lifelong learner and upstanding citizen.

    Support - We believe we need to support our school community academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.


    If Armel Elementary is to be an exemplary school, it must be guided by a vision for its future. It must have clear goals and an understanding of the expectations of all parties involved in the life of the school. It is the purpose of the vision statement to provide the direction needed in order to successfully complete its mission.


    Armel Elementary was named for the late James Armel, who gave the land for the original school to Frederick County. The original building served the needs of the students from 1917 to 1970. This building was a two room schoolhouse and did not include many of the amenities that we have today such as modern plumbing.

    Today's modern Armel was built with a price tag of $4.6 million and has undergone one renovation, adding classrooms to keep up with the growing population. The Armel name almost ended with the new school. The building was originally slated to be named Red Mill Run Elementary School, but thanks to a petition organized by local residents, the Armel name stayed with the new school. Since Armel's opening, route 522 has been widened, the school's population has increased steadily, and as of the fall of 2000, has seen two rezoning changes to accommodate the population growth.