2022 School Quality and Perceptions Survey Reveals a Majority Rate Schools as Good or Excellent

  • Results from the Frederick County Public Schools School Quality and Perceptions Survey conducted by independent research firm K12 Insight found a majority of students (61 percent), parents (78 percent) and school-based staff (80 percent) rate the overall quality of their school as good or excellent. Of note is the fact that 35 percent of parents and 21 percent of students ranked their school as excellent which represents a three percentage point increase among parents and a seven percentage point increase among students compared to the results the last time the survey was conducted in 2018.  

    Schools Superintendent David Sovine says, “The fact that a majority of our students and parents rate their school so highly is a testament to the teachers, administrators and support staff who serve our students each day.  The results are particularly gratifying considering the many challenges we have faced over the past two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey not only identified areas in which we are doing well, but also highlighted growth opportunities which will help guide our schools moving forward. It is imperative that our schools and central office staff reflect upon the information gleaned from the survey so they can work to build upon the areas of success and focus more intently on the areas in which improvements can be made.” 

    Sovine adds, “Although there is always room for improvement, the survey results indicate we have done a good job over time with regards to school safety and security. When comparing the results from this year’s survey with the results from 2018, a greater percentage of students, parents and school-based staff believe their school is safe. In addition, the percentage of students who indicated they are aware of their school’s safety and security procedures has climbed by 11 percentage points. Based on the data, our focus on safety and security as well as our ongoing collaboration with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is making a difference.” 

    The survey also highlighted a number of areas in which improvements need to be made. Sovine says, “Based on the survey results, providing students with additional supports for career planning and doing a better job showing students how lessons relate to life outside of school are areas in which improvements can be made. Although we are not where we would like to be in those areas, enhancing career planning services and better connecting lessons to life outside of school are embedded in the goals outlined in our strategic plan, Inspire 2025: A Promise for Progress. I’m confident the growth we’ve experienced in areas like school safety and security will extend to other areas in which improvements can be made over time as well.” 

    The School Quality and Perceptions Survey asked students in grades 5-12, all parents with students enrolled in Frederick County Public Schools and all school-based staff for feedback on the school environment. Specifically, the survey addressed academic support, student support, school leadership, family involvement, safety and behavior, communication and social emotional learning. More than 8,800 individuals completed the survey including 5,742 students, 1,928 parents and 1,163 school-based staff members. The survey was conducted from April 4 through May 6. 

    View division and school-level results from the 2022 FCPS School Quality and Perceptions Survey.

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