All Frederick County Public Schools Accredited for 2022-23

  • The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has announced that each of Frederick County’s public schools has been accredited for 2022-23. Apple Pie Ridge, Armel, Bass-Hoover, Evendale, Gainesboro, Greenwood Mill, Indian Hollow, Middletown, Orchard View and Stonewall elementary schools; Admiral Richard E. Byrd, James Wood and Robert E. Aylor middle schools; and James Wood, Millbrook and Sherando high schools are all Accredited. Jordan Springs and Redbud Run elementary schools as well as Frederick County Middle School are each Accredited with Conditions.

    School accreditation ratings are based upon the Virginia Board of Education’s school accountability system. The system provides a comprehensive view of school quality while encouraging continuous improvement for all schools and placing an increased emphasis on closing achievement gaps among students.

    This year marks the first time in three years the VDOE has released school accreditation ratings. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented impact on school operations, school accreditation was waived for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years. The accreditation rating assigned to all schools in 2020-21 and 2021-22 was Accreditation Waived.

    Interim Schools Superintendent John Lamanna says, “After enduring the many challenges associated with the pandemic the past two years, our teachers, administrators and support staff are to be commended for their contributions to having all schools accredited for the 2022-23 school year. Accreditation ratings are just one measure of school quality, but having every school accredited represents an achievement in which our students, staff and community should take great pride.”

    Virginia’s accreditation standards measure performance on multiple school-quality indicators, not just overall student achievement on Standards of Learning tests.

    All schools are evaluated on the following school-quality indicators:

    • Overall proficiency and growth in English reading/writing achievement (including progress of English learners toward English-language proficiency)
    • Overall proficiency and growth in mathematics
    • Overall proficiency in science
    • English achievement gaps among student groups
    • Mathematics achievement gaps among student groups
    • Absenteeism

    In addition to the school-quality indicators noted above, high schools are evaluated on the following school-quality indicators:

    • Graduation and completion
    • Dropout rate
    • College, career and civic readiness (beginning in 2023-24)

    Performance on each school-quality indicator is rated at one of three levels:

    • Level One: Meets or exceeds standard or sufficient improvement
    • Level Two: Near standard or making sufficient improvement
    • Level Three: Below standard

    In order for a school to be Accredited, all of the school quality indicators must be at either Level One or Level Two. Schools with one or more school-quality indicators at Level Three are Accredited with Conditions. Schools that fail to adopt or fully implement required corrective actions to address Level Three school-quality indicators are denied accreditation. A school that is denied accreditation may regain it by demonstrating to the Virginia Board of Education that it is fully implementing all required corrective action plans.

    Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Jim Angelo says, “We are very pleased to continue to have all of our schools accredited. Jordan Springs and Redbud Run elementary schools narrowly missed achieving full accreditation and were Accredited with Conditions due to overall proficiency in science. Frederick County Middle School was Accredited with Conditions due to achievement gaps. We will continue to focus on building upon our success in all schools through research, data analysis and professional learning in order to help students continue to grow and achieve at high levels. By focusing on each and every student we will continue to make progress toward not only having all of our schools fully accredited, but more importantly, fulfilling our mission to nurture all learners to realize their dreams and aspirations.”

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