School Board Names Dr. George C. Hummer the New Superintendent of Schools

  • Dr. HummerThe Frederick County School Board has selected Dr. George C. Hummer to be the next Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools.  Dr. Hummer, who has more than 18 years of experience in public education, is currently the Chief Student Support Services Officer for Stafford County Public Schools.  He succeeds Dr. David T. Sovine who retired after serving 11 years as the Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools.  Dr. Hummer will begin his new role effective January 30.  

    Dr. Hummer says, “I’m extremely excited to be named the Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools.  It was very evident early in the search process that the teachers, staff, and leaders across the school division care deeply about the children they serve and want them to be highly successful.  That caring and commitment to serving each student well made this position attractive to me.  My family and I plan to move to Frederick County as soon as possible and get more deeply involved in the community.”

    School Board Chair Brandon Monk says, “The Board is excited to welcome Dr. Hummer and his family to the Frederick County community as our next Superintendent.  We know this is one of the most important decisions we will make and it was important to us to seek input, listen and be actively engaged throughout the process.  Our Board has found a leader who is not only a good match for our community and school system, but values students and the opportunity to push our system forward into new successes.”  

    Upon assuming his new position next week, Dr. Hummer plans to begin making connections across the school division and greater Frederick County community.  He says, “Beginning on my first day, I plan to spend time connecting with various stakeholders in order to gain a better understanding of what is valued within the community and the school division. During my first morning on the job, I plan to greet students and interact with staff members as they arrive at school.  I also intend to engage in a listening tour early in my tenure in order to hear the perspectives of students, parents, staff and members of the community.  My predecessors have provided strong leadership to the division so I intend to engage in conversations with both Interim Superintendent Dr. John Lamanna and former Superintendent Dr. David Sovine to gain their perspectives as well.  In addition, I’m looking forward to engaging in conversations with members of both the School Board and Board of Supervisors.  The relationships and spirit of collaboration I intend to build as Superintendent will be critical as we work together as a community to move the school division forward over time.”   

    Dr. Hummer is originally from New Jersey and moved to Virginia in 1994.  He graduated from Chancellor High School in Fredericksburg and received a bachelor of arts degree from Radford University in 2005.  Hummer also holds a master’s degree in educational leadership and special education from the University of Mary Washington and a doctorate in educational leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University.  He has been an adjunct professor of educational leadership and special education at the University of Mary Washington for the past three years and has been a featured speaker at several state meetings for the Virginia Department of Education.

    Dr. Hummer credits his mother, who was a lifelong special education teacher, with inspiring him to pursue a career in education.  He began his career as a special education teacher, athletic director, and football and basketball coach at Battlefield Middle School in Fredericksburg.  After serving in those roles from 2005 to 2012, Dr. Hummer was named assistant principal at Rodney Thompson Middle School in Stafford and served in that capacity for three years.  

    In 2015, Dr. Hummer was named the Supervisor of Student Services and Special Education for Stafford County Public Schools.  Four years later, he became Stafford County Public Schools’ Executive Director of Student Services and Special Education.  Last year, he was named the school division’s Chief Student Support Services Officer.  

    As a teacher, Dr. Hummer was recognized with a Teacher of the Year Award and improving the performance of his students.  As a central office administrator, Dr. Hummer has spent countless hours supporting students, families and staff while working to develop better procedures to help bridge the achievement gap for all students.  In 2021, the Virginia Council of Administrators of Special Education recognized Dr. Hummer with the Mary Lou Wall Award for Early Special Education Leadership.  The award recognizes individuals who are in their first three years of leading a school division’s special education services and exemplify five values: (1) Heart- the passion to serve, nurture and care; (2) Leadership by example; (3) Honesty; (4) Creative thinking; and (5) Collaboration.  

    Dr. Hummer says, “I take pride in building positive and authentic relationships with families and community stakeholders.  I have an extensive record of genuinely working with families to ensure all students are supported and given the opportunity reach their full potential.  In my various leadership roles, I’ve worked hard to improve student academic performance, narrow gaps in student access and opportunity, and increase the availability of student support services.  During my time in Stafford County, I’m most proud of the inclusive work we have done to help create a culture that emphasizes support and innovation.”  

    The process of searching for the next superintendent began in September when the School Board retained BWP & Associates to assist in the search process.  BWP & Associates used a four-step process (specification, recruitment, assessment and selection) to assist the School Board through the recruiting and hiring process.  The firm initially defined the characteristics and skillsets the community and Board believed the next superintendent should possess in order to be successful.  The Leadership Profile Report that was developed was informed by interviews with Board members; small group meetings with representative school staff, students, parents and business/community leaders; public forums and an online community input survey.  More than 200 individuals participated in the interviews/small group meetings with representatives from BWP & Associates.  An online survey conducted from October 10-18 was completed by more than 2,000 stakeholders including 359 students, 978 parents and 691 staff members.  
    The Leadership Profile Report cited a number of characteristics most desired in the Superintendent including: honesty, integrity and character; a commitment to students; communication and collaboration skills; good judgement; and experience in instruction, strategic planning and school finance.  
    Dr. Hummer was one of 12 individuals to apply for the position.   According to Mr. Monk, three candidates were involved in the final round of interviews.  

    Dr. Hummer will be Frederick County’s 15th Superintendent of Schools.  Previous Superintendents include: A.M. Smith (1870-1871); Reverend H.S. Phillips (1871-1872); William H. Gold (1872-1883); A.M. Pierce (1883-1884); George W. Ward (1884-1888); Maurice M. Lynch (1888-1917); Leslie D. Kline (1917-1949); Robert E. Aylor (1949-1968); Dr. Melton F. Wright (1968-1982); Dr. Kenneth E. Walker (1982-1989); R. Thomas Malcolm (1989-1998); Dr. William C. Dean (1998-2006); Patricia Taylor (2006-2011); David T. Sovine (2011-2022). 

    Dr. Hummer, his wife, Charnell, and his step daughter, Madison, plan to relocate to Frederick County in the coming months.