• The Virginia Department of Education has approved the FCPS ALL In VA spending plan. Approximately 70% of the ALL In VA funding will be used to provide tutoring to students in grades 3-8 to help to recover learning opportunities lost during the pandemic.

    What is ALL In VA Tutoring?
    The ALL In VA tutoring initiative will provide opportunities for certain students in grades 3 through 8 to receive high-intensity tutoring at no cost for math and English during the 2023-2024 school year. The goal of ALL In VA tutoring is learning acceleration. Tutoring sessions are to focus on grade-level material, and lessons will be designed to help children be successful with the grade-level material being taught in class.

    How will FCPS Implement ALL in VA Tutoring?
    All FCPS middle and elementary schools will implement the ALL In VA tutoring program. Some schools have started their program already, and the remainder will begin in January 2024. Each school has customized their tutoring plans to best meet the needs of their students. Schools may implement in-school and/or before-school and after-school tutoring options. Please check with your child’s school to find out specifics about the school’s tutoring plan. 

    How can Interested Tutors Apply?
    FCPS is actively recruiting tutors for the ALL In VA program. Learn more and apply to be a tutor