Handbook for Student Athletes

  • A source of pride for Frederick County Public Schools is an outstanding program of interscholastic athletics for our students. The program provides opportunities for students to develop positive attitudes, favorable work habits, and rewarding experiences through individual and group participation in athletics.

    Coaching is teaching. It is our desire to convey the basic principles of good techniques and fair play to each student athlete.

    With these ideas in mind, this Handbook for Student Athletes has been compiled to communicate the basic policies and procedures of the athletic department. Should you have questions, please refer to the coordinator of student activities at your child’s school for advice and information. We wish you an exciting and rewarding year in athletics.

    Character Education Core Traits
    FCPS Athletic Values Statement
    FCPS Policy 311P: Interscholastic Competition
    FCPS Regulation 311R: Interscholastic Competition
    Athlete Responsibilities and Procedures
    Student-Athlete Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    Heat-related Illnesses

    The information in the Handbook for Student Athletes is collected and compiled using data current at the time it is published online. As an organization responds to new information and plans for improvement, it may need to revise the policies and regulations that communicate expectations for student athletes. As those occur, Frederick County Public Schools will communicate those to student athletes and their parents or guardians. The most recently published expectations will guide our work and will be included in future publications of the Student and Parent Handbook. The electronic copy online will be revised as changes occur.