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Varsity Tutors
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    In partnership with ALL In Virginia, Frederick County Public Schools is offering all students in grades 1-12 the ability to use Varsity Tutors for online tutoring, classes and test prep at no cost to families or the school division.

    Free Features

    • 24/7 On-demand Chat Tutoring - Students can get help in the moment, when tackling a tough assignment or prepping for a test.
    • Live Group Classes - Students have unlimited access to hundreds of live group classes covering every academic subject led by expert instructors.
    • On-demand Essay Review - Students can upload essay drafts and receive expert feedback to enhance their writing skills.
    • College and Career Readiness - Students can access resources to help get prepared for a bright and successful future.
    • Self-study and Practice Problems - Students have access to standard-aligned practice problems and study materials to foster independent learning and allow students to pace their studies.
    • Practice Tests and Personalized Learning Plans - Students have access to practice tests and learning plans to help them identify strengths and weaknesses, study at their own pace and create a roadmap for success.
    • Enrichment Classes - Students can enroll in hundreds of enrichment classes like coding, art, game design and more. All classes are taught by expert instructors.
    • Celebrity-led StarCourses - Students can explore exclusive classes taught by celebrity instructors and top experts.

    Clever screenshot with cirlce around Log in as a studentAccessing Varsity Tutors

    You can access Varsity Tutors on a school Chromebook or a personal device. If you do not have a personal device, please complete the Summer Chromebook Request Form.

    If using a personal device

    • Go to
    • Click "Log in as a student" using your student's school log in credentials
    • Once logged in, click on the Varsity Tutors icon

Frequently Asked Questions

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