School Counseling

  • Every school provides guidance and counseling services to all students. Read 324P - School Guidance and Counseling Programs.


    The mission of James Wood Middle School's counseling department is to support students as lifelong learners so they can achieve their full potential. School counselors will provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate counseling program to help students focus on academic, personal/social, and career goals so they are successful in school and are prepared to be productive members of society. In cooperation with students, staff, and parents, the school counselor will create a positive supportive counseling program that will ensure a safe and nurturing school environment for everyone.

    The department consists of three school counselors and one registrar/secretary. One school counselor is assigned to each of the three grade levels and works with those students as they progress from sixth through eighth grade. Learn more about our counseling staff.

    Teri McGuirk
    ext. 82194

    Rhonda Headley
    7th Grade Counselor
    ext. 82195

    Debbie Potter (sub)
    8th Grade Counselor
    ext. 82185

    Shaniqua Williams
    6th Grade Counselor/Lead Counselor
    ext. 82196

    The counseling and guidance program is designed to promote academic/educational, personal/social and career development. As an integral part of the school program, counseling and guidance builds a strong foundation for learning and growth in the following ways:

    • a positive attitude toward school/learning
    • personal responsibility
    • respect for self and others
    • decision making skills

    What do school counselors do?

    • Counsel students individually or in small groups to meet identified needs
    • Deliver school counseling curriculum individually, small, and large group
    • Consult with parents, teachers, and school staff addressing student's needs, providing community resources
    • Participate in planning, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive school counseling program
    • Know/Adhere to ethical, legal, and professional standards of the counseling profession