119P - Public Participation at Meetings

  • The order of business of any meeting of the board shall include an opportunity for public comment; however, by doing so the board does not obligate itself to act on any request or proposal.

    Guidelines For Public Comment

    1. The Frederick County School Board is pleased to receive public comments at each monthly meeting.  In order to allow the board sufficient time for its other business, the total time allowed for public comments will generally be limited to twenty (20) minutes.  Individuals seeking to speak to the board will be allotted three (3) minutes and those individuals representing groups or organizations will be allotted five (5) minutes with one (1) representative per group.

    2. Those wishing to speak to the board are requested to contact the clerk and to indicate the subject of the presentation.  In order to make the limited time most effective, a copy of prepared written commentary or other materials are requested to be presented in advance in sufficient time for the materials to be included in the board agenda.

    3. Speakers are urged to contact the clerk in advance; however, persons desiring recognition from the floor at a board meeting with no prior request are requested to sign up at the beginning of the meeting utilizing the form provided by the clerk.  Individuals who have contacted the clerk in advance will be given priority in the speaking order.  Normally, speakers will be scheduled in the order their requests are received until the entire allotted time slot has been used.  Where issues involving a variety of views are presented before the board, the board reserves the right to allocate the time available so as to insure that the board hears from different points of view on any particular issue.

    4. Upon recognition by the chairman, a speaker should clearly state his or her name, residing district, and the subject of the comments.  All comments are to be addressed to the chair.

    5. Speakers are expected to show appropriate courtesy to the school board, and the school board is committed to showing respect and courtesy to all citizens.

    6. Members of the audience are not permitted to interrupt the speaker or meeting by asking questions or making comments.

    7. Violation of the guidelines will result in the chairman ruling the speaker out of order.  Continued violation will result in removal from the premises.

    8. The chairman has discretion concerning public participation at school board meetings.

    School board meetings are tape recorded for the purpose of clarification and development of the official minutes.


    Adopted: February 6, 1990
    Amended: October 21, 1996
    Amended: February 1, 2011