310P - Off-Site Instruction and Virtual Courses

  • Homebound Instruction

    The School Board maintains a program of homebound instruction for students who are confined at home or in a health care facility for periods that would prevent normal school attendance based upon certification of need by a licensed physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or clinical psychologist.

    Credit for the work is awarded when it is done under the supervision of a licensed teacher qualified in the relevant subject areas and employed by the School Board, and there is evidence that the instructional time requirements or alternative means of awarding credit adopted by the School Board have been met.

    Virtual Courses

    Students may enroll in and receive a standard and verified unit of credit for supervised virtual courses with prior approval of the principal. The superintendent is responsible for developing regulations governing this method of delivery of instruction that include the provisions of 8 VAC 20-131-110 and the administration of required Standards of Learning tests prescribed by 8 VAC 20-131-30. For courses offered for possible high school credit, standard units of credit are awarded for successful completion of such courses when the course is equivalent to that offered in the regular school program and the work is done under the supervision of a licensed teacher qualified in the relevant subject areas. A verified unit of credit may be earned when the student has successfully completed the requirements specified in 8 VAC 20-131-110.


    Legal Reference(s):
    Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, Section(s) 22.1-253.13:3, 54.1-2952.2, 54.1-2957.02

    8VAC 20-131-180


    Cross Reference(s):
    Policy 329P, Instruction- Online Courses and Virtual School Programs


    Adopted: February 6, 1990
    Amended: September 3, 2013
    Amended: August 16, 2016
    Amended: August 21, 2018