405R-F - Re-Enrollment from the Department of Justice

    1. Re-Enrollment from the Department of Justice

      When Frederick County Public Schools has been notified that a student will be transferring from the Department of Justice, the following procedures will apply.

      (8VAC 20-660-30) (8VAC 20-660-40)

      1. The director of student support services will serve as the school division re-enrollment coordinator and convene a re-enrollment team. Other team members may include, but not be limited to, a guidance counselor, director of special education /designee, principal/assistant principal, and parole officer. The re-enrollment team may also include a member of transition team based at the correctional facility or detention home.

      2. Re-enrollment components shall include but not be limited to the following:

        1. Educational status and recommendations of the Department of Correctional Education during the students stay at the Reception and Diagnostic Center

        2. Educational status and recommendations while in the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice

        3. Educational and re-entry goals for the student developed in coordination with the student’s IEP team, if applicable

        4. Other student supports, such as counseling services, needed to foster the student’s successful re-entry to public school

        5. Anticipated dates and timelines for scheduled release to the receiving school division, for possible court review of the case, and for re-enrollment

        6. Determination of school placement upon release

        7. Contact information for the representatives of detention homes/centers (if applicable), Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Correctional Education, and the re-enrollment coordinator of the school division

      3. The Department of Juvenile Justice, through the juvenile correctional center’s counselor shall provide written notice to the Department of Correctional Education principal, at least 30 calendar days prior to the scheduled release of a student or a scheduled case review in court.

      4. Upon notification, the transition team shall prepare and assemble the documents and scholastic record that support the re-enrollment plan. Also the Department of Correctional Education will provide a letter of pending release within five (5) business days to the re-enrollment coordinator for the receiving school division and to the parents. The school division has five (5) business days to confirm receipt of the notification.

      5. At least 25 calendar days prior to court review or pending release of a student, the Department of Corrections and Juvenile Justice shall forward the student’s scholastic record and preliminary re-enrollment plan to the school division’s re-enrollment coordinator.

      6. Within ten (10) business days of receipt of materials, the re-enrollment coordinator will convene the re-enrollment team to review the preliminary plan and develop the final plan.

      7. Notice shall be provided at least one week in advance for the re-enrollment plan meeting.

      8. Other qualified individuals who have knowledge or expertise regarding the student may participate.

      9. The re-enrollment team shall develop a final re-enrollment plan that clearly states:

        1. Educational placement and timeframe for placement

        2. Names of persons with responsibilities and authority for enrollment and contact information

        3. The student’s academic program and other supportive activities as appropriate

        4. Names and contact information of the members of the transition and re-enrollment teams

        5. Any other required components including and approved IEP if necessary

      10. Copies of the final plan shall be provided to the students, parent and all transition and re-enrollment members no later than ten (10) calendar days prior to release.

      11. The re-enrollment plan shall make it possible for the student to enroll and receive instruction in the receiving school division within two (2) school days of release.

      12. After the Department of Corrections and Juvenile Justice gives notice of a student’s scheduled release, the student may not be suspended or expelled from school programs for the offenses he or she committed.

      13. Placement of students in alternative education programs shall be in accordance with §22.1-277.2 of the code of Virginia.

      14. Upon re-enrollment the student shall receive weekly counseling for a determined period of time.

      15. The receiving school division shall protect the confidentiality of the student’s juvenile justice record.

    2. Information Regarding Criminal Activities or Expulsion (Code of Virginia 22.1-3.2)

      Prior to admission to Frederick County Public Schools, the parent, guardian, or other person having control or charge of the student shall provide, upon registration: A sworn statement indicating whether the student has been expelled from school attendance at a private or public school for an offense in violation of school board policies relating to weapons, alcohol or drugs, or for willful injury to another person.

      1. This document shall be maintained as a part of the student’s cumulative scholastic record.

      2. A sworn statement indicating whether the student has been found guilty of or adjudicated delinquent for any of the following:

        • Firearm offense

        • Homicide

        • Felonious assault and bodily wounding

        • Criminal sexual assault

        • Manufacture, sale, gift, distribution or possession of a controlled substance

        • Manufacture, sale, or distribution of marijuana

        • Arson and related crimes

        • Burglary and related offenses

        • Robbery

        • Prohibited street gang participation

        • Prohibited criminal street gang activity

        • Recruitment of other juveniles for a criminal street gang activity

        • Recruitment of juveniles for a criminal street gang

      3. If the student is registered as a foster care placement, the required information shall be furnished by a local social services agency or licensed child-placing agency that made the foster care placement.


    Legal Reference(s):
    Code of Virginia, Section(s) 22.1-3.2, 22.1-277.2

    8VAC 20-660-30

    8VAC 20-660-40 Adopted: July 10, 2008


    Amended: July 3, 2018