411R - Withdrawal from School (Probation Procedures for Students Excused or Dropped)

  • The following procedures will be followed when working with a student who has been readmitted to school on a probationary basis. These procedures apply to those students who have dropped from school and have not been involved in a disciplinary proceeding.

    1. During the reentry conference, probation procedures will be discussed with the student. The specific terms of probation will be agreed upon by those present for the conference.

    2. The principal will receive a copy of the letter that is sent to the parent of the reentering student. The letter will include probation status and any additional conditions of probation agreed upon at the time of the conference.

    3. If a drop-out reentry violates the probation agreement the principal shall contact the student support specialist and a conference will be arranged with the principal, student, parents, counselor, and student support specialist. During this conference, the unacceptable behavior and the violation of probation will be discussed. The necessary expected change in behavior will be agreed upon, and any further violation of that probation will necessitate a suspension to the office of the director of student support services for consideration.

    4. A letter containing a summary of the conference concerning the probation violation will be sent to the parent(s) of the student indicating the decisions that were made at that time. This letter will be sent from the student support specialist with copies to the appropriate parties.

    5. During the conference with the director of student support services, conditions for the student to return to school will be discussed. The director of student support services has the option of either an immediate recommendation to the school board of expulsion from school, assigning a long-term suspension for the balance of the school year, returning the student to school on continued probation, or placing the student in an alternative education program. Following the conference, a letter to all the parties concerned will be forwarded from the office of the director of student support services. Failure of the party being suspended to keep or reschedule the meeting with the director of student support services will not delay action on the referral. Alternative education programs include, but are not limited to: The Learning Center, Middle School Alternative Education, ISAEP, or High School Alternative Education.

    6. The above procedure applies to all violations of the probation conditions with the exception of situations involving drugs, guns, bomb threats, or false fire alarm. The school administration may refer such as directly to the assistant superintendent for administration's office with a recommendation for expulsion on the first violation without a formal conference. Notice should be sent or communicated by telephone to the student support specialist as soon as possible.


    Adopted: July 21, 1983
    Amended: May 18, 2007
    Amended: October 7, 2008