413P - Suicide Prevention

  • Duties of Teachers and Administrative Staff
    Any person licensed as administrative or instructional personnel by the Board of Education and employed by the County School Board of Frederick County, Virginia, who, in the scope of the person’s employment, has reason to believe, as a result of direct communication from a student, that such student is at imminent risk of suicide, contacts, as soon as practicable, at least one of such student's parents to ask whether such parent is aware of the student's mental state and whether the parent wishes to obtain or has already obtained counseling for such student. The superintendent is responsible for developing procedures for such contact that are in accordance with the guidelines developed by the Board of Education in cooperation with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and the Department of Health as required by Va. Code § 22.1-272.1.

    Abuse or Neglect
    If the student has indicated that the reason for being at imminent risk of suicide relates to parental abuse or neglect, contact is not made with the parent. Instead, the staff person notifies, as soon as practicable, the local department of social services of the county or city wherein the child resides or wherein the abuse or neglect is believed to have occurred or the state Department of Social Services' toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline as required by Policy 508P, Personnel- Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting and Va. Code § 63.2-1509. When giving this notice to the local or state department, the person stresses the need to take immediate action to protect the child from harm.

    Parental Review of Materials
    Parents have the right to review any audio-visual materials that contain graphic sexual or violent content used in any anti-bullying or suicide prevention program. Prior to the use of any such material, the parent of a child participating in such a program is provided written notice of the parent’s right to review the material and the right to excuse the child from participating in the part of such program utilizing such material.


    Legal Reference(s):
    Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, Section(s) 22.1-207.1:1, 22.1-272.1 and 63.2-1509.


    Cross Reference(s):
    Policy 508P, Personnel- Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

    Policy 221P, Administration- School Crisis, Emergency Management and Medical Emergency Response Plan

    Regulation 221R, Administration- School Crisis and Emergency Management Plan

    Policy 224P, Administration- Threat Assessment Teams

    Regulation 224R, Administration- Threat Assessment Teams


    Adopted: February 6, 1990
    Amended: May 18, 2021