414P - Lines of Communication

    1. Generally

      Within each school, avenues of communication shall be open to students to discuss with the administration and faculty conditions affecting their welfare. Each school shall establish a simple procedure and lines of communication.

    2. Student Government

      The school board encourages the participation of students in the administration of the middle schools and the high school and, to a limited extent, in the administration of the elementary schools. A form of student government shall be developed, and the charter (or constitution) of the student government must receive the approval of the principal.

    The constitutions of these student governmental bodies shall set forth the limits of student authority and shall distinguish the areas in which the students' functions shall be of an advisory nature from those over which they may exert controls.

    The student governmental bodies shall serve as vehicles for communicating the views of the students to the school board.


    Adopted: February 6, 1990