512P - Political Activities

  • Employees are encouraged to exercise their constitutional rights and their right of political involvement, including holding elective and appointive offices that do not conflict with their role as school board employees. Appropriate leave may be taken by employees to perform duties related to any elective and appointive offices they hold provided such leave does not have an adverse effect upon their assigned duties as an employee of the Board.

    Board employees may participate in the campaign of any political organization and/or candidate seeking an elective and/or appointive position; however, any such political activities, conducted either individually or as a member of a group, shall not be carried on in the name of Frederick County Public Schools or any of its agencies. In addition, such activities shall not be conducted in a manner which could be construed to indicate official partisan support of any political organization or candidate seeking an elective and/or appointive position by Frederick County Public Schools. Board employees shall not participate in the production, distribution or display of partisan political materials on school property.


    Cross Reference(s):
    Policy 607P, Community Relations- Political Activities


    Adopted: February 6, 1990
    Amended: December 3, 2019