515R - Meetings and Conferences

  • Employees must attend and participate in meetings called by the superintendent, members of his/her staff, or the principal. Employees who need to miss such meetings must obtain prior permission from the school official who called the meeting.

    Although professional meetings may be scheduled on Saturdays, required attendance at state or district meetings may be necessary for certain teaching staff on school days. The approval of the superintendent (or designee) is required when a member of the teaching staff is absent from school to attend such meetings.

    Employees should attend the following meetings and remain until their conclusion:

    1. All meetings scheduled or called by the school board administrative staff that apply to a teacher or his/her subject area.

    2. Regular scheduled meetings of the faculty, the departments, school committees, and of sponsored organizations. Attendance at these meetings is necessary to do an effective job and should take precedence over other commitments.

    3. Special called meetings. These should be attended unless they conflict with previous engagements that cannot be changed. In such cases, arrangements should be worked out with the principal, assistant principal, or central staff.

    4. Meetings of professional organizations. Employees are encouraged to join and give support to those organizations which are working for the improvement and advancement of their profession.


    Adopted: April 7, 1970
    Amended: August 2, 2006
    Amended: June 22, 2007