522R-A - Salary Payments/Bonus

    1. New employees shall receive service credit on the salary scale commensurate with their experience. Previous experience will be classified as either "identical" or "substantially similar" for service credit computation. The determination of identical and similar experience shall be applied in a non-discriminatory manner.

      New employees having identical previous experience may be granted one year of service credit for each year of experience. New employees, or current employees advancing their career into an administrative position, having substantially similar experience may be granted either year for year, one year for two years, or one year for three years of service credit depending on the similar experiences’ responsibilities and duties (i.e. responsibilities held and duties performed).

      1. Professional teaching personnel must have a minimum of ninety contract days continuous employment in a single assignment during a twelve-month employment period to equal one year of service credit.

      2. Full-time or part-time professional non‑teaching personnel must have a minimum number of days (or hours in the case of part-time staff) equal to one-half the full-time position assignment-term during a twelve-month employment period to equal one year of service credit.

      3. When calculating identical or substantially similar years of service to be transferred from a former employer, such service must meet the minimum requirements of FCPS. Credit may include an allowance for sabbatical leave and military leave if service credit for such periods was granted by the former system pursuant to policies essentially similar to FCPS policy.

    2. Employees who are reassigned from a full-time professional non-teaching assignment to another full-time professional non-teaching assignment shall receive service credit on a year for year basis.

    3. Experience in an administrative/supervisory capacity shall be credited to a teaching assignment on a year for year basis.

    4. An attendance bonus may be paid to bus drivers and bus aides who meet the following eligibility requirements. The bonus will be paid for perfect attendance or for minimal absences as described below. The bonus will be paid for two separate measurement periods and will be paid in the month following the measurement period.

      1. Measurement Periods

        • Beginning of the school year through the January payroll cutoff date

        • January payroll cutoff date through the end of the school year

      2. Bonus Amounts

        • Perfect attendance bonus - $350 per measurement period

        • Attendance bonus - $200 per measurement period

      3. Perfect Attendance Bonus Criteria

        • No absences from the regular, contracted route, or from the required in-service meetings, unless assigned elsewhere by the employer

      4. Attendance Bonus

        • No more than a combined total of two (2) days from the regular, contracted route, or required in-service meetings can be missed per measurement period unless assigned elsewhere by the employer

        • The employee must report to duty on the first day of school

        • The employee must report to duty on the last day of school

        • The employee must report to duty on the day preceding or immediately following a school holiday

    5. Temporary part-time employees are paid from time sheets in lieu of a salary basis.

    6. Employees who work less than twelve months and are paid on a salaried basis shall be given a written notice annually which notifies the employee that Frederick County Public Schools requires employees to be paid over 12 months regardless of the fact that they will actually work over a shorter time period. The notice shall include the name of the employee, the annual salary and the beginning date for the 12 equal monthly payments.

      The notice shall also state that in the event that a separation from service occurs before the end of the 12-month payment period, the employee will be entitled to an additional payment for the amount actually earned from the beginning of the 12-month pay period until the date of separation from service which has not yet been paid. This additional payment will be included in the employee’s final paycheck. For this purpose, “separation from service” has the same meaning as that term is defined in section 1.409A-1(h) of the Treasury Regulations.

    7. Unless otherwise specified, all full-time and part-time employees may elect to utilize payroll deductions for all voluntary deductions provided through FCPS. Substitute and temporary employees are only eligible for statutory deductions and the voluntary tax-deferred retirement programs. If a substitute or other temporary employee elects to participate in a voluntary tax-deferred program, he/she will be required to deduct on a percentage basis rather than a flat dollar amount due to the inconsistency in payment amount.


    Adopted: September 1, 1990
    Amended: August 1, 1991
    Amended: August 23, 2001
    Amended: June 22, 2007
    Amended: July 6, 2008
    Amended: July 1, 2014
    Amended: February 16, 2017
    Amended: June 19, 2019