523P - Professional Qualifications: Teachers

  • The school board of Frederick County desires to employ highly qualified teachers. The minimum qualifications shall be those set forth by the State Department of Education.

    Teachers who do not meet these qualifications may be employed only in cases of emergency or when "qualified" teachers are not available.

    1. Regular Teachers

      To be eligible for appointment and placement on the regular salary schedule, teachers must have a teaching license as required by law. On recommendation of the Superintendent, the School Board may waive applicable licensing requirements as specified by Virginia Code Section 22.1-298.1 for any individual the School Board seeks to employ as a career and technical education teacher who is also seeking initial licensure or renewal of a license with an endorsement in the area of career and technical education. The superintendent may make additional requirements.

    2. Exchange Teachers

      If any teacher comes to the Frederick County Public Schools on an exchange basis, the requirements of these rules and regulations relative to appointment, procedures, and qualifications may be waived by the superintendent within the limitations of state law and subject to the approval of the school board.

    3. Student Teachers

      A student from an approved institution of higher learning may take student teaching, practicum, or field work in the Frederick County Public Schools upon approval of the superintendent or his designee and under such regulations as the superintendent shall set forth to ensure that the progress of the pupils in any class is not adversely affected.


    Legal Reference(s):
    Code of Virginia, Section(s) 22.1-098.1, 22.1-299, 22.1-299.5, 22.1-299.6


    Adopted: February 6, 1990
    Amended: June 19, 2007
    Amended: July 19, 2017