549P - Absences and Leave

  • General

    1. Beginning of School Year
      Employees who fail to report at the beginning of the session, at the time specified in their contracts or assignments, will lose full pay for each day's absence unless the absence is caused by personal illness, death in the immediate family, or some other valid reason for which an absence has been approved in advance by the superintendent.

    2. Unexcused Absences
      Employees who are absent without approved leave may be dismissed. Each absence that is not covered by leave allowance balances shall be subject to pay reduction at the employee's per-diem rate (full-dock).

    3. Notification of Absences
      Whenever an employee knows that he/she will be absent from work for any reason, the administration shall be notified as early as possible.

    4. During School Day
      Teachers must consult their administrators when they wish to leave the school premises during the school day.

    5. Benefits Prorated for Permanent Part-Time Employees
      It shall be the policy of the Frederick County School Board to prorate eligible leave benefits for permanent part-time employees, unless otherwise specified.


    Adopted: February 6, 1990
    Amended: January 7, 2014