555R - Sabbatical Leave

  • An applicant who submits a program of study for sabbatical leave shall undertake a full program of at least sixteen (16) hours of undergraduate or graduate study per semester for two semesters, or the equivalent thereof. A sabbatical leave will be in effect only as long as the recipient is enrolled in an institution of higher learning and is making satisfactory progress.

    The applicant must submit an application for sabbatical leave (copy attached) and provide the following:

    1. Evidence of application to an institution of higher learning;

    2. A statement of the purposes of requesting sabbatical leave and the program to be pursued;

    3. An agreement to inform the school board periodically of the applicant's progress in such manner as is required by the superintendent.

    The salary for sabbatical leave shall be one-half (1/2) of the regular amount (excluding activity supplements) a candidate would have received as a full-time employee. Funding shall be based on approval of the school board's budget for the ensuing year.

    Any professional staff member who participates in a sabbatical leave program shall execute, as a condition of sabbatical leave, an agreement (copy attached) providing for the employee's return to full-time employment with the Frederick County Public Schools for a minimum period of two (2) years, or the repayment of all compensation and benefits paid to the employee during the period of sabbatical leave. If, for any reason, an employee does not complete the entire two-year return obligation, such benefits and compensation shall be repaid on a prorata basis. If an employee on, or returning from, sabbatical leave should die or become disabled before completing the two-year return obligation, the employee or estate may have the repayment plan extended.

    During the period of sabbatical leave the employee shall be entitled to the following benefits as if employed on a regular full-time basis:

    • Continuing Contract Status

    • Salary Experience Increments

    • Sick Leave and Accumulations

    • Annual Leave and Accumulations

    • Health Insurance (Not Counting Toward the 18-Month Cobra Rule)

    • *VRS Pension and Disability Benefits

    • *VRS Life Insurance

    An employee shall have the right to return to the position occupied prior to the leave unless a transfer would have occurred in the normal course of administrative action.

    A reasonable and equitable distribution of sabbatical leaves shall be made amount the various branches of the staff.

    Application for sabbatical leave should be made by December 31 for leave commencing in the following school year.

    *Based on regular full-time VRS compensation (two times sabbatical leave compensation).


    Adopted: December 7, 1976
    Amended: August 1, 1991