607P - Political Activities

  • Frederick County Public Schools’ property shall not be used for the production or display of partisan political materials. The sole exception is on Election Day when partisan political materials may be displayed if the school property serves as an official polling place. No partisan political materials may be displayed prior to the day on which an election is being held and all materials must be removed from school property no later than 12 midnight on the day of an election.

    The distribution of partisan political materials at public events held on school property is prohibited inside of school facilities and/or event venues. Such distribution may occur outside of school facilities and/or event venues provided the distribution does not cause a substantial disruption or inhibit individuals from entering or leaving the school event.

    Formal campaigning inside of school facilities or event venues is prohibited. Individuals seeking elective or appointive office and their supporters are welcome to volunteer at school events, but shall not engage in any activities as a volunteer that may be construed as campaigning or conduct themselves in a manner that may be construed to indicate they have official partisan support from Frederick County Public Schools. Volunteers shall not wear any clothing, buttons or other attire that may be construed to support the campaign of any political organization and/or a candidate for elective and/or appointive office. Schools may elect to recognize volunteers, but under no circumstances are they to engage in any activity, distribute any materials or make any announcements that may be construed as supporting a particular political organization or candidate.


    Cross Reference(s):
    Policy 512P, Personnel- Political Activities


    Adopted: February 6, 1990
    Amended: December 3, 2019