614P - Naming of School Facilities

  • It is the prerogative and responsibility of the Frederick County School Board to name new schools, rename existing facilities or approve the dedication or naming of a portion of a school facility. The superintendent of schools shall work with the appropriate school board member(s) to determine community preferences and to establish procedures for receiving and reviewing community input.

    Through the office of the superintendent of schools, school board member(s) representing the area in which the new school is located will schedule a meeting with representatives of the school community to discuss recommendations.

    Following a review of the community’s recommendation, the school board member(s) will formulate a recommendation consisting of one or more choices, which shall be presented to the full school board for consideration and adoption. The school board shall not vote on the naming of a new school facility, the dedication or naming of a portion of a school facility, or renaming of an existing facility at the same meeting in which the recommendation is presented in order to allow additional opportunities for public comment.


    Adopted: November 3, 1999