614R - Naming of School Facilities

    1. Guidelines For Names Considered For New School Facilities

      The school board may, from time to time, establish guidelines or appropriate categories for names that will be considered for new schools. Suggested guidelines to be used in making recommendations are as follows:

      1. Consistency with other school names at the elementary, middle, or high school level, as appropriate.

      2. A preference for names reflecting geographic or historical features of an area.

      3. A preference for names reflecting the community/area which it serves.

      4. A preference for names of individuals who have made significant contributions to education in Frederick County or famous historical figures who have made significant contributions to advancement of education in Virginia or the nation.

      5. The avoidance of names that could cause confusion with other schools in Frederick County and/or with schools in adjoining jurisdictions and other areas of Virginia.

    2. Dedicating Areas of School Facilities or Grounds

      Exceptional contributions to a school or to the school division may be recognized by naming an appropriate area of a school facility or school grounds in honor of an individual not actively serving the Frederick County Public Schools. Groups wanting to initiate such an action may use the following procedure. The ultimate decision regarding the dedication of an area of a school facility or grounds to an individual shall be made by the school board.

      Submit a written recommendation to the superintendent of schools detailing the area or areas to be dedicated or named and providing the information supporting the recommendation.

      1. Groups making recommendations should consider the following:

        1. Begin the process by consulting the appropriate school board member(s).

        2. Ensure broad support throughout the community.

        3. Request support from the appropriate school board member(s) so that a resolution may be prepared and scheduled for a school board meeting agenda.

      2. Renaming Facilities

        The school board may rename a facility for a variety of reasons, including its use for a new purpose or the desire to recognize an individual’s contribution to the Frederick County Public Schools. The process of renaming a facility shall be the same as that used when naming a new facility.


    Adopted: November 9, 1999