622P - Commercial Advertising

  • The County School Board of Frederick County, Virginia, recognizes the importance of fostering relationships with community groups and individuals in order to enhance educational and extracurricular opportunities for students and to raise alternative revenues to supplement the school division’s educational and extracurricular programs.

    Commercial advertising in any way connected to the Frederick County Public Schools shall be permitted on a limited basis only, for the sole purpose of promoting Frederick County Public Schools and raising supplemental revenues for approved division purposes.

    Such advertising shall be restricted to the promotion or sale of commercial goods and services to the school community and/or to the advertiser’s support of Frederick County Public Schools. It is not the intent of the County School Board of Frederick County, Virginia, to create a public forum by permitting such commercial advertising in limited school venues.

    The superintendent of schools shall promulgate regulations regarding commercial advertising.


    Legal Reference(s):
    Code of Virginia, Section(s) 22.1-79 (3), 22.1-131, 22.1-70.2


    Cross Reference:
    Policy 616P, Community Relations- Commercial, Promotional, and Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships


    Adopted: September 7, 2010