• Gifts to a school or the school division

    Gifts of money, real or personal property, and personal services from organizations, community groups, and/or individuals, which will benefit Frederick County Public Schools, shall be encouraged by the board. Unless otherwise approved by the school board, gifts will be accepted without promise or expectation of future consideration of the donor. Individuals or groups interested in making a gift shall discuss such gifts in advance with the building principal or the superintendent or designee to assure appropriateness and need.

    Equipment that meets an educational purpose must meet minimum standards set by the division. Such equipment, if accepted, shall be added to the division inventory in accordance with the inventory policy.

    When any real or personal property is given to and accepted by the school board, it shall be vested in the board unless inconsistent with the terms of the gift, devise, or bequest and shall be managed by the board according to the wishes of the donor.

    The board reserves the right to accept or decline any proposed gifts.

    Gifts to staff members, students, and volunteers on behalf of a school or the school division

    With certain exceptions as defined by the superintendent, gifts to staff members in the form of cash, gift certificates, or non-cash merchandise and funded with school board or school activity funds are discouraged. Gifts to students and volunteers are permitted when the recognition is deemed to warrant more than a verbal or written expression. However, the gift must be nominal in value and relative to the recognition.

    The superintendent shall promulgate regulations to accompany this policy.


    Legal Reference(s):
    Internal Revenue Service Publication 15-B

    Code of Virginia, Section(s) 22.1-126


    Cross Reference(s):
    Policy 606P, Community Relations- Gifts to Staff Members

    Policy 616P, Community Relations- Commercial, Promotional, and Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships


    Adopted: February 6, 1990
    Amended: August 21, 2007
    Amended: May 19, 2009

704P - Gifts, Bequests, and Donations