710R-B - Fund Raising and Disclosure Statements

  • When schools are involved in fund raising projects and have certain kinds of agreements with vendors or businesses, the following shall apply:

    1. If the school or school organization (club) purchases products and resells them for profit, no disclosure statements need to be sent to parents. Generally, agreements to purchase fruit, yearbooks, etc. fall into this category.

    2. When a school or school organization (club) secures the services of a vendor who sells a product to students or parents and who subsequently gives the school or school organization a percentage of the profit, or some other benefit or service, disclosure statements must be sent to the parents. School pictures and senior portraits generally fall into this category. If in regard to such things as senior caps and gowns or graduation announcements, teachers receive a free benefit or services such as free caps and gowns or wear or business cards, etc., disclosure statements are likewise required.

    In summary, the essential principle to guide local school administrators is that they should not receive any benefit from a supplier in consideration for selecting such supplier unless they send disclosure statements to parents.


    Legal Reference(s):
    Memorandum, Antitrust Unit of Virginia Attorney General's Office, attached to letter of July 30, 1980, from Paul J. Forch, Assistant Attorney General, written to Dr. S. John Davis, Virginia State Superintendent of Public Instruction


    Adopted: August 4, 1981
    Amended: August 29, 2007