724R-B - Non-school Employees Working in Schools

  • Volunteers in the Schools

    Frederick County Public Schools encourages members of the community to support teaching and learning by sharing their time and talents with students and staff.

    1. Responsibilities

      1. The school site administrator is responsible for:

        1. Approving, upon the recommendation of classroom teachers, presentations by resource speakers.

        2. Recommending school board approval for individual volunteers, including volunteer coaches, to work in the school.

        3. Orienting volunteers on:

          1. Organization of the school.

          2. Expectations for confidentiality.

          3. Importance of not interrupting instructional time.

          4. Safety procedures.

          5. School and school board policies relating to their work.

        4. Scheduling the volunteers to support school activities.

      2. The classroom teacher or head coach is responsible for:

        1. Working with the site administrator to plan for activities of the volunteer.

        2. Introducing the volunteer to students and other staff.

        3. Reporting to the school principal about volunteer activities.

        4. Thanking the volunteer at the end of the year.

      3. The volunteer is responsible for:

        1. Supporting teachers and students as requested.

        2. Reporting any concerns to the school site administrator.

        3. Complying with all appropriate school and school board policies.

    2. Requirements for Frederick County Public Schools Volunteer Coaches

      1. A parent of a current FCPS student is not eligible for a volunteer coaching position for a team on which his/her child participates.

      2. The individual is required to have completed the FCPS Coaches Education program prior to being approved for a volunteer coaching position. The individual is responsible for the cost of meeting this requirement.

      3. The individual is responsible for all fees that may occur in the application process, including but not limited to a criminal background investigation, finger printing, etc.

      4. The Volunteer Coach Agreement including prior coaching/playing experience and references must be submitted to the activities director, or coordinator of student activities, and principal.

      5. The approval process includes review by the sport’s head varsity coach, activities director, principal, superintendent, school board and VHSL (at the high school level)

        1. Meeting the requirements outlined above neither implies nor guarantees an individual will be called upon to assist with a sport.

        2. A volunteer may be removed from participation at any time (with or without cause).


    Cross Reference(s):
    Regulation 724R-B - Appendix: Volunteer Coach Agreement


    Adopted: January 4, 2005
    Amended: July 26, 2007
    Amended: July 2, 2018
    Amended: September 12, 2018