About Bass-Hoover

  • Mission

    Our school community will foster well-rounded students through positive relationships and real world learning opportunities.


    We are a hive that thrives on meaningful values and transformational experiences, empowering Stingers to positively impact their world.

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    The staff is a group of individuals dedicated to children. The staff will:

    • Work as a team
    • Share responsibility for all students
    • Demonstrate respect for students and colleagues
    • Be receptive to change
    • Display positive attitudes
    • Be good role models
    • Believe that all children can learn


    Effective instruction will be provided to ensure learning for all students. Instruction will include:

    • High expectations for success
    • Thorough planning and preparation
    • A variety of teaching techniques
    • Recognition of different learning styles to meet student needs
    • Development of critical thinking skills
    • Open, clear communication among staff, students, and families
    • On-going variety of assessments
    • Mastery of academic skills
    • Promotion of life-long learning skills

    Child-centered Environment

    The school will provide a warm, supportive environment where taking risks, making mistakes, and asking questions are valued parts of learning. This environment will be characterized by:

    • A caring and friendly climate
    • An atmosphere that is safe and secure
    • An attractive, well-maintained facility
    • Respect for individual differences
    • Consistent rules, regulations, and procedures for students, staff, and families
    • Freedom from intimidation


    All students will be accepted as unique individuals and will be encouraged to reach their full potential. The students will be given the opportunity to:

    • Actively participate in the learning process
    • Achieve grade-level skills
    • Develop age-appropriate social skills
    • Interact with peers appropriately
    • Have their accomplishments recognized
    • Develop self-esteem
    • Show respect for rules and property
    • Show respect for all individuals
    • Develop life-long learning skills


    The school recognizes the community as a partner in the education of our students. The school will coordinate with the community through:

    • A Parent-Teacher Organization
    • A network of volunteers
    • A Student Council Association
    • A various community organizations, agencies and businesses
    • Guest presenters and student trips
    • Staff volunteer activities
    • Student service projects
    • Various communication systems


    Bass-Hoover Elementary School opened in August 1975, replacing the Stephens City Elementary School. The new school was named in honor of Charles E. Bass, former Frederick County School Board Chairman, and H. Denis Hoover, principal of Stephens City Elementary School, and first principal of Bass-Hoover Elementary School. Both of these men served the school, students, and citizens of Frederick County for a combined total of 66 years.

    With the closing of Middletown Elementary School in June 1984, Bass-Hoover served students from the Middletown and Stephens City areas until the opening of the new Middletown Elementary School in the fall of 1989. During the summer of 1991, many renovations took place at Bass-Hoover. The most significant change was the conversion of the semi-open space learning areas into self-contained classrooms. In 2014, a new kindergarten wing was added to the building.

    Bass-Hoover Principals Past and Present

    • Mr. H. Denis Hoover, 1975-1977
    • Mr. Robert R. Rexrode, 1977-1986
    • Mr. Larry E. Shobe, 1986-2000
    • Mrs. Gail Rush, 2000-2003
    • Mrs. Angela White, 2003-2005
    • Mrs. Gay Yowell, 2005-2009
    • Ms. Vicki Smith, 2009-2013
    • Mr. Joseph Strong, 2013-2017
    • Mrs. Amy Willliams, 2017-2019
    • Mr. Darren Thomas, 2019-Present