About Apple Pie Ridge

  • Apple Pie Ridge Elementary School derives its name from the historic and picturesque road that stretches in front of the building. Apple Pie Ridge is located north of Winchester, off of Route 522 North. The school lies within Frederick County, just behind James Wood High School.
    The school currently serves approximately 540 students, kindergarten through fifth grade. Every student shares a pride in its elementary; even in Apple Pie's rich history. According to local history specialist, James V. Hutton, Jr., Apple Pie Ridge Road was first called the Ridge Road by an order of the court in 1751. Many apple trees were planted in the early 1700s along the Ridge Road. The Ridge Road is included on Fisher's map of 1778 and was officially labeled as Apple Pie Ridge on Varle's 1809 map of Frederick County. On December 6, 1972, the Frederick County School Board approved plans for the new school. To assist in the financing, a $750,000 Literary Loan Fund was obtained from the state.  

    On June 27, 1973, a building permit was issued and on August 10, the firm of Howard Shockey & Sons was awarded the construction contract for a low bid of $1,907,000. Work began soon thereafter. Apple Pie Ridge was built on the land formally owned by Mr. Clarence Robinson. When Apple Pie Ridge Elementary opened in 1974, students came from five elementary schools: Bryarly, Kernstown, Line, Round Hill and White Hall. Mr. S. Roger Koontz was the first principal and served in that capacity until 1983. Since 1983, the following served as principals and vice principals at Apple Pie Ridge:


    1974-1983: Mr. S Roger Koontz
    1983-2005: Dr. Thomas J. Hanisch
    2005-2013: Mr. Joe Strong
    2013-2019: Mr. Justin Raymond
    2019-Present: Mrs. Megan Dodd

    Vice Principals

    1974-1978: Mr. James R. Plaugher
    1978-1983: Mr. Larry E. Shobe
    1983-1990: Mrs. Shirley R. Place
    1990-1997: Mrs. Deborah Cookus
    1997-2002: Mrs. Sherry Headley
    2002-2004: Dr. Carol Cohen
    2004-2005: Mr. Joe Strong
    2005-2006: Darren Thomas
    2006-Present: Jennifer Duckworth

    Apple Pie Ridge is known for its hard working students, staff, parents and school community that make learning at Apple Pie Ridge fun and invigorating. Along with its high standards, including No Child Left Behind, Virginia's Standards of Learning, and Frederick County's Educational Standards, Apple Pie Ridge reaches out to all students, making sure all students understand and learn at their very best.  

    Programs of interest include a very strong Parent-Teacher Organization, excellent music and art programs, Student Council, Title One and Reading Recovery programs, as well as several extracurricular programs. 
    The mascot for the past 33 years at Apple Pie Ridge has been the Ridge Runners. In June 2007, students voted to change the mascot to the Apple Pie Ridge Ravens.
    Apple Pie Ridge celebrated its 30th Anniversary May 14, 2004, with the burial of a time capsule and the sharing of ice cream and a 36-inch apple pie!