About Evendale

  • Mission

    Evendale staff is committed to creating a positive community of learners while teaching a high quality curriculum. Staff will measure student growth through ongoing and annual assessments. To ensure growth at all levels, differentiated instruction, interventions and resources will be used to respond to learners' needs.


    According to information from the Stewart H. Bell Jr. archives, Evendale was named after a one-room schoolhouse founded by Jacob Haldeman. Haldeman was a frontiersman from Pennsylvania and Evendale was the name of his former village. The one-room school was used for educational purposes from 1904-1930. It became a residence in 1934.
    Mrs. Sue Ellen Gossard was appointed to be the first principal of Evendale Elementary School in January 2006. Evendale was built to relieve overcrowding at Senseny Road and Armel Elementary School.