About Stonewall

  • Stonewall Elementary School…

    Striving for Excellence in Students


    We exist to:

    • provide opportunities for students to become independent thinkers
    • instruct and challenge students to use a variety of techniques to meet their individual needs, reach their academic potential and build strong values
    • consistently evaluate student strengths and weaknesses and plan instruction according to students’ needs through intervention, remediation and enrichment  


    We strive to become a school that will:

    • focus on the academic, social, emotional and physical growth of every student
    • provide early intervention, remediation and enrichment for students when needed
    • embrace and encourage change based on global demands
    • foster core values and tolerance
    • value the community's resources as essential parts of the learning environment
    • create a safe environment and maintain trust between home and school through public relations and effective communication


    We as a school believe in:

    • challenging the students to reach their maximum achievement and celebrating their success
    • treating all members of the school and community with respect
    • maintaining a safe, orderly, and inviting environment that is conducive to learning
    • fostering relationships between parents, community and school