• Mission

    NREP staff members are dedicated to working collaboratively with students who have special needs, their families and their community to provide a positive, safe, respectful learning environment that will produce life-long learners, who will transition into a more independent environment.

    Program Overview

    Northwestern Regional Educational Programs (NREP) provides cost effective, quality programming for school-aged (K-12) students with autism, emotional disabilities, hearing impairments, multiple disabilities and traumatic brain injury for the school divisions of Clarke County, Frederick County and Winchester City. NREP provides an integral part of the continuum of services provided for students with disabilities from the localities served. In addition, NREP provides child find and early childhood special education services for students from the age of two through five for Frederick County Public Schools and Winchester City Public Schools serving all disability classifications. NREP also offers a Kaleidoscope Program for children aged three and four without disabilities.

    NREP recognizes the importance of meeting all of the specific needs of the students it serves. In order to meet those needs, comprehensive supportive services are available to those who are found eligible. These services may include:

    • Transportation
    • Speech Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Vision Services
    • Hearing Impaired Services
    • Parent Programs
    • Individual Counseling
    • Music Therapy

    Related services are delivered to those students who are found eligible, based on standardized evaluations, and are delivered as outlined in a child's IEP (Individual Educational Plan).


    NREP began as an Evaluation and Service Center in August of 1975 providing quality education and therapeutic services to children with disabilities from the Clark County, Frederick County, and Winchester City School divisions. In 1983, the Evaluation and Service Center became Northwestern Regional Educational Programs, or NREP as it is commonly called today.

    The program was located at 835 Smithfield Avenue in Winchester. Due to the program outgrowing the available space, in 2001, NREP expanded to include both the Smithfield Avenue site and the Robinson Educational Center located on Roosevelt Avenue in Winchester. In 2009, all programs were once again united at the Senseny Road School at 1481 Senseny Road just outside of Winchester. NREP is governed by a Committee of Superintendents comprised from each of the divisions with the superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools serving as chairperson of the committee. Frederick County Public Schools serves as the fiscal agent for NREP.

    All participating school divisions have access to any of the programs at NREP. Parents with questions regarding eligibility of their child should contact the director of special education from their home county.

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