330P - Field Trips

  • Field trips are off-campus instructional activities. Field trips can provide excellent educational experiences for students by enriching the curriculum and by making classroom learning experiences more meaningful. To be educationally beneficial, a field trip requires thoughtful selection, careful advance preparation, and opportunities to assimilate the experience during and after the trip. Teachers will plan advance activities that prepare students for the trip and follow-up activities that assist students in summarizing, applying, and evaluating information learned on the trip.

    The following factors should be considered in proposing and approving field trips:

    • The value of the trip to the particular class

    • The relationship of the field trip to a particular aspect of the curriculum

    • The distance traveled

    • The time away from the regular instructional program

    • The availability of transportation

    No student will be denied the opportunity to participate in a field trip because of a lack of funds.

    Trips will be approved by the superintendent or superintendent's designee. Approval must be obtained before commitments are made to students, parents, or commercial establishments. The superintendent or superintendent's designee will report monthly to the School Board on field trips taken.

    Trips for activities governed by the Virginia High School League do not require approval on a trip-by-trip basis. Parental permission for such trips may be obtained for the entire athletic season or school year.

    Student trips that involve travel outside of the continental United States or to areas that may pose safety and security risks to students and/or chaperones must be approved by the Frederick County School Board.

    The Frederick County School Board does not endorse or accept responsibility for any privately sponsored trips for students or any student trips which are not part of the instructional program. Employees are not permitted to solicit students for such trips. Employees who are involved with such trips must emphasize to any interested student/parent that such trips are strictly private enterprises.

    Legal Reference(s):
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    Adopted: July 17, 2012
    Amended: April 20, 2021