331P - Gifted Education

  • The School Board shall approve a comprehensive plan for the education of gifted students that includes the components identified in Virginia Board of Education regulations. The plan for the education of gifted students shall be accessible through the school division’s website and the school division shall ensure that printed copies of the plan are available to citizens who do not have online access.

    Students identified as gifted shall be exposed to curriculum and receive instruction adapted or modified to accommodate their accelerated learning aptitudes in their areas of strength. Curricula and instructional strategies will provide accelerated and enrichment opportunities that recognize gifted students' needs for (i) advanced content and pacing of instruction; (ii) original research or production; (iii) problem finding and solving; (iv) higher level thinking that leads to the generation of products; and (v) a focus on issues, themes, and ideas within and across areas of study. Such curricula and instructional strategies are offered continuously and sequentially to support the achievement of student outcomes, and to provide the support necessary for students identified as gifted to work at increasing levels of complexity that differ significantly from those of their age-level peers.


    Legal Reference(s):
    8VAC 20-40-10


    Adopted: May 21, 2013