Policy Manual

  • Policy Manual

    This is the policy manual for Frederick County Public Schools.

    100 - Bylaws
    200 - Administration
    300 - Instruction
    400 - Students
    500 - Personnel
    600 - Community Relations
    700 - Operations & Finance

    The Code of Virginia authorizes school boards to adopt bylaws and policies for the management of official business and for the supervision of schools provided they are not inconsistent with state statutes and regulations of the Virginia Board of Education. Bylaws govern the operation of the School Board and deal with the duties of members, meetings, and the procedures for adopting bylaws, policies and regulations.

    Policy states the intent of the School Board in conducting the school division’s business and is adopted and amended by the Board. The Board delegates to the Superintendent the function of specifying required actions and designing the detailed arrangements under which the schools will be operated. Such rules and detailed arrangements constitute the regulations governing the schools.