Substitute Positions

  • Thank you for your interest in Frederick County Public Schools. This award winning, highly successful school division is technologically sophisticated, has a comprehensive curriculum, and offers a wide range of programs including regional special education and career and technical offerings. Our substitutes are very important to the success of our schools and are expected to perform in place of the regularly scheduled employee so that instruction and other work continues during the absence. Your interest and commitment to providing a safe and productive environment is appreciated.

    FCPS employs substitutes in four categories. The application and orientation process is different for each category although there are certain requirements that are mandated by law, or policy, regardless of the role you pursue.

    Applicants applying for Instructional Assistant and Clerical substitute positions will not be able to substitute as a classroom teacher without additional training.

    Please note that FCPS will periodically review our substitute list and evaluate who is actively working. This review includes the number of jobs accepted compared to those offered as well as the number of jobs accepted and then cancelled. Substitutes who are only minimally active may be removed from the list. If a determination is made to remove a substitute from the active call list they will be informed via email.