Child Find

  • Child Find provides free appointments to review parent concerns and discuss developmental milestones and/or difficulties for all preschool children ages 2 (by September 30) to 5 (not age-eligible for kindergarten). Some preschool children have difficulty developing certain skills. If you have concerns about your preschool age child’s development with motor, personal-social, cognitive, communication and/or adaptive skills or just want to be sure their skills are where they should be, please call NREP at 540-665-0103 and leave your contact information.

    Consultations and appointments are provided at no cost to parents residing in Frederick County and Winchester. These meetings may indicate the need for a referral for special education evaluation in accordance with regulations and administrative requirements for the operation of special education programs in Virginia.

    Questions or comments can be directed to Julie Lazenby, Child Find Coordinator/Lead Speech-Language Pathologist at