Child Find

  • Frederick County Public Schools maintains an active and continuing Child Find program designed to identify, locate and evaluate those children residing in the jurisdiction who are birth to age 21, inclusive, and are in need of special education services.

    Who to Contact

    Children Ages Birth Through 36 Months
    FCPS has an ongoing relationship with the Infant & Toddler Connection of Shenandoah Valley. Parents, providers, or medical providers who have concerns regarding a child in this age range should contact the Infant & Toddler Connection of Shenandoah Valley at 540-450-1052 ext. 4052 or email Sharlene Stowers at for information regarding a referral.

    Children Ages Two Through Five (Not Kindergarten Eligible)
    If you suspect that a child ages two through five (not yet eligible for kindergarten) has a disability such as a speech/language and/or developmental delay, the first step in the process is to contact the FCPS Child Find Center to "refer" the child. A child can be referred by a parent, doctor, case manager, teacher, speech pathologist, or any other concerned party. The Child Find Center staff will schedule a special services referral team (SSRT) meeting within ten (10) administrative working days of the initial referral. At the SSRT meeting, information will be shared and any concerns discussed to determine if further testing may be needed. If the child is referred for a comprehensive assessment, the Child Find Center has sixty-five (65) administrative working days to complete all testing components and to meet and determine whether or not the child is eligible for special education services. However, further testing can only be initiated after obtaining the parents' written consent. When a child is found eligible for special education services, the Child Find Center staff will work with the parent(s) and the serving school to develop an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) to meet the child's specific needs.

    To make a referral, please call 540-542-1601 ext. 67406 or email Upon contact, information will be provided regarding the referral process. 

    Children Ages Five (Kindergarten Eligible) Through Twenty-one
    Parents will need to contact their child’s neighborhood school. Locate your school.

    Children Enrolled in Private Schools or Home-Schooled in the FCPS Zone
    To make a referral, please call 540-662-3889 ext. 88217 or email