James Wood High School Addition and Renovations

Front of James Wood High School
  • General Information

    • The James Wood High School Additions and Renovations first appeared on the School Board’s 2006-2011 Capital Improvements Plan. The total project cost is $72,844,000.
    • The project is being financed and paid for over 20 years similar to a home mortgage or car loan.
    • Since opening in 1980, there have been two additions built at James Wood High School, but no major renovations.
    • The project is being completed to address major building systems that are at or near the end of their expected lifecycle; undersized classrooms and hallways; overcrowding; the need for additional classrooms, science labs and other learning spaces; and to improve safety and security issues related to the school site.

    Project Status

    The project began in March 2022 and will be completed in phases over three years, with completion scheduled for the start of the 2025-26 school year.  Two additions have been completed.  These additions house 12 classrooms, the administrative offices, guidance offices, and the school's new main entrance.  Parts of the building have been renovated as well, including 4 new science labs, 3 art classrooms, and 5 gen ed classrooms.  A new cafeteria, a new media center, a new concourse entrance to the gym, 3 business labs and 14 classrooms are currently under construction.

    Site renovations are underway as well.  A new main driveway through campus has been built, a new bus loop and a new parent drop off loop have been created, and student parking has been modernized.  Bus and car traffic have been separated.  A staff parking lot and a band practice lot are currently under construction.

    Project Scope


    • Construct a new two-story media center in the heart of the school
    • Renovate the current media center into classrooms and labs
    • Replace and/or upgrade major systems, including the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
    • Add classrooms and science labs
    • Create learning communities/collaborative learning spaces
    • Renovate restrooms with new walls, floors, fixtures and accessories to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards
    • Install new ceiling, wall and floor finishes
    • Replace the school’s outdated lighting system with energy efficient LEDs
    • Replace windows and doors


    • A major addition will be constructed on the front of the school which will include a new administration, guidance and clinic area; a new cafeteria; and a new concourse entrance leading to the gym


    • Construct a bus loop and separate bus and car traffic
    • Construct a parent loop to separate parent and student traffic to the greatest extent possible
    • Construct a staff parking area


    Note: Images below that show renderings are from preliminary renderings and are subject to change as the design development process continues.

  • Conceptual Site Plan for James Wood High School

    Site plan.

  • JWHS Bus Loop

    A new site plan was implemented to separate bus and student/parent traffic to help enhance safety on campus.

  • JWHS New Office

    A one-story addition to the front of the existing building added a new administrative office and guidance office.

    JWHS Cafeteria Rendering

    JWHS Cafeteria Rendering

    The addition also has room for a new cafeteria kitchen. Student dining will go where the administrative offices were. The existing cafeteria and kitchen area will be renovated to be used as classrooms and collaborative learning areas.

    JWHS Student dining in progress

    New student dining area in progress.


    JWHS Main Entrance

    JWHS Main Hall

    The main entrance to the school has an entirely new look with design elements that celebrate James Wood High School and provides areas where students can gather.

  • JWHS addition

    The two-story classroom addition includes a new student entrance for parent drop offs.

  • JWHS First Floor Media Center Rendering

    JWHS First Floor Media Center Rendering

    JWHS First Floor Media Center Rendering

    A new media center will be part of the project. The current media center will be renovated into classrooms, collaborative learning spaces and learning studios.

    JWHS Conceptual View of media center

    The main corridors on the second floor of the building will look completely different and include a unique perspective from above the new media center.

    JWHS media center in progress

    JWHS media center in progress

    New media center in progress.

  • Conceptual View of James Wood High Gym

    Conceptual View of James Wood High Gym

    JWHS Gym Entrance Rendering

    A lower-level addition to the existing gyms will include a separate entrance to be used for athletic events.

  • JWHS Hall of Fame Rendering

    JWHS Hall of Fame Rendering

    The P. Wendell Dick Athletic Hall of Fame will have a prominent location at the entrance to the gym.