Frederick County Public Schools Social Media Terms and Conditions

  • The purpose of the Frederick County Public Schools (“FCPS”) official social media platforms is to provide information about our schools and public education generally in a timely and efficient manner.  The following social media terms and conditions apply to any official FCPS social media page, including official social media pages of any of its schools. These terms and conditions provide anyone who chooses to communicate with Frederick County Public Schools via its official social media platforms with guidelines for engagement. Please note that public comments posted on official FCPS social media pages may not be regularly monitored. FCPS therefore encourages anyone with specific questions or concerns involving a school matter to contact their school principal or the Director of Policy and Communications (“Director”). Public comments expressed on FCPS social media pages do not reflect the opinions and position of the Frederick County School Board, FCPS, and its schools, officers, and employees.

    Comment Removal

    Frederick County Public Schools considers its social media platforms to be a limited public forum.  As a result, FCPS reserves the right to remove comments that contain:

    • Conduct that violates the terms and conditions of the applicable social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    • Illegal conduct or encouragement of illegal activity
    • Content that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates prohibited discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation
    • Conduct that is threatening, inciting, harassing, or bullying
    • Content that is unrelated to the original FCPS post
    • Content that violates a legal ownership interest of any other party, such as copyright or trademark infringement
    • Information that is false
    • Content that compromises the safety or security of FCPS, any of its schools, staff, or students
    • Personnel information, individually identifiable student information, or other confidential material
    • Profane language or content
    • Promotions of services or products
    • Promotions of political candidates or organizations
    • Sexual harassment or sexual content
    • Solicitations of commerce or advertisements including promotion or endorsement
    • Spam or comments that include links to external online sites
    • Conduct that is otherwise in violation of School Board policies or that reasonably may lead to the substantial disruption of or material interference with FCPS school operations

    Comments in violation of these terms and conditions may be removed from the applicable FCPS official social media platform. Continued or egregious violations may prompt FCPS to further restrict an individual’s commenting on official FCPS social media platforms. FCPS will not remove content simply because it disagrees with the user’s viewpoint or the user criticizes FCPS.

    Comment Removal Procedure

    The FCPS social media platforms are administered by designated staff.  When designated staff suspect a violation of these terms and conditions, the Director will be notified and will review and authorize removal of a comment when appropriate.  Upon finding a violation, the Director will make a reasonable effort to contact the individual commenter to give notice of the violation and the removal of their commentary. Appeals regarding the Director’s decision to remove a comment or to take further action for repeated violations of these terms and conditions may be submitted via e-mail to the Assistant Superintendent for Administration within two calendar days.


    Individuals should be aware that their comments may be subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and records retention requirements. FCPS may be obligated to retain public comments in its records and/or disclose the information if requested.

    Official FCPS Social Media Pages include, but are not limited to, those pages identified on the FCPS website.