Driver Education

  • Our program has been state certified since 1971. We are part of Frederick County Public Schools and, therefore, our program is nonprofit. We operate on the FCPS schedule and classes are not held when FCPS are not in session. We offer in-car sessions throughout the year subject to the availability of cars and instructors.

    Our Behind-the-Wheel driving sessions meet for a total of seven consecutive school days (Monday through Thursday). There are no classes held on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. During those seven days, the student will practice skills on our multiple vehicle driving range for four days and train on the road for three days. On the driving range, instructors and students use transceiver communications to and from each vehicle.

    Instruction is given in a dual-control vehicle, which is equipped with safety features such as an instructor's side brake, extra rear view mirrors and a roof-top sign. Adequate insurance coverage is carried for all who use or ride in the vehicles. All instructors are state licensed, knowledgeable and caring.

    A driver education completion certificate will be issued after successfully finishing the Behind-the-Wheel driver education program. If the student has not held a learner's permit for nine months prior to completing the course, the certificate will be dated effective as of nine months after the date of issuance listed on the learner's permit. A copy of the certificate will be sent to DMV and the student will be contacted by Court Services as to the date/time to appear in court to receive their permanent driver's license.

    A student under 18 years of age must complete state-approved Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel driver education programs and hold a Virginia learner's permit for at least nine months in order to obtain a driver's license.

    Please note there are no classes held on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Please review the Registration Information to review student eligibility as well as the registration information that a parent needs to bring in person in order to register the student when the session is open for registration.




  • Spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis as the parent comes in person with the required registration information.

    *Fee - $180 

    Payment must be made by a cashier's check made payable to Dowell J. Howard Center or a blank money order that will be stamped to Dowell J. Howard Center.

    * All fees are reviewed and set annually by the Frederick County School Board and are subject to change by the Board.

  • Program Staff

    John Maphis, Coordinator
    Shane Snyder, Co-Coordinator
    Teresa Mullins, Secretary