ISAEP Program

  • Penny Cornwell, Instructor
    Jessica Funk, GED Testing Administrator


    The student GED preparation program, also called ISAEP, provides an option for students 16 and 17 years of age who are not experiencing success with their regular school program and are at risk of dropping out of school. In this program students remain enrolled as students in Frederick County Public Schools and attend classes at Dowell J. Howard Center to prepare to pass the GED examination. ISAEP students work toward mastering academic and vocational skills. Before testing, students must have completed both the academic and vocational requirements outlined by the State of Virginia.


    To be considered for the ISAEP Program, an individual must:

    • be a student in Frederick County Public Schools
    • be 16 or 17 years of age
    • meet entrance requirements

    Prior to entry into the program both parent and student must meet with the student support specialist assigned to Dowell J. Howard Center and the Principal of Dowell J. Howard Center. At this meeting, program requirements are explained and the student's educational options are discussed.