Early Childhood Special Education Program

  • The Phoenix Fledglings

    The Phoenix Fledgling program serves preschool-aged children from age two (birthday falls on or before September 30) through five who have been found eligible to receive special education services under IDEA.  The program currently provides a total communication approach that meets the developmental communication needs of our students in a play-based, developmentally appropriate environment that is individualized based on the learning needs of each student.  Our ECSE programming provides a student-centered approach to learning while utilizing explicit instruction techniques to deliver quality instruction.   Continuous training and growth are offered to staff utilizing the following frameworks and standards: 

    • Virginia's Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS)

    • The Creative CurriculumⓇ- a research-based early childhood curriculum that supports the whole child's development.  

    • Conscious DisciplineⓇ -an adult-first, trauma-responsive, brain-based approach that integrates social and emotional learning, school culture, equity and social skills instruction.

    • The Creative CurriculumⓇ and Conscious DisciplineⓇ are aligned with FCPS Pre-K programming and our shared vision to provide an inclusive and engaging learning environment where children can connect and flourish academically, emotionally, and socially. 

  • Contact

    Email asknrep@fcpsk12.net for questions about the early childhood special education program.

    Call 540-665-0103 to schedule a Child Find screening.