English Learners (EL) Program

  • Program Overview

    FCPS EL program provides ELs with the social and academic language skills necessary to become academically successful and college and career ready. 

    There are approximately 70 different languages spoken in the homes of students in Frederick County, VA. The most predominant language spoken other than English, is Spanish.  

    The Frederick County Public School System has English as a Second Language, EL program in all of our schools. EL endorsed teachers are assigned to each building to serve approximately 1200 students whose native language is a language other than English. Several of our students speak more than two languages and English is their third or fourth language. 

    Our main focus is to teach our EL students to speak, read, and write English as efficiently and quickly as possible. This will help them to be successful academically, socially, and culturally in their new school and community environments. 


    The Mission of the FCPS EL program is to promote student achievement, progress, and English Language proficiency through high-quality instruction and authentic assessments.

    Goal 1
    To teach, explore, and develop the English language for all ELs so that they can maximize their potential as quickly as possibly using the English language to achieve academically in all content areas. 

    Goal 2
    To ensure that effective instruction for all ELs is implemented through communication, and collaboration with all staff responsible for their instruction and academic success. 

    Goal 3
    To foster an understanding of the diverse populations and cultures residing in our community, in order to develop a school-community appreciation for their linguistic and cultural diversity. 

    Goal 4
    To provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all ELs that will assist them in adjusting culturally, academically, and socially. 

    Goal 5
    To develop, foster, and maintain good family, school, and community relationships.