Gifted Education

  • The mission of Frederick County Public Schools is to ensure all students an excellent education. To that end, the Frederick County Public Schools’ goal is to provide the opportunity for each student to develop to his/her maximum potential. Programs for gifted students require challenging learning experiences that extend, enhance, and/or accelerate core-educational programs and require greater degrees of complex and abstract thinking. Education for the gifted is viewed as a collaborative endeavor recognized, facilitated, and realized by the efforts of numerous individuals in the schools and community.

    Gifted students demonstrate or have the potential to demonstrate:

    • superior reasoning
    • persistent intellectual curiosity
    • advanced use of language
    • exceptional problem solving
    • rapid acquisition and mastery of facts, concepts, and principles
    • creative and imaginative expression across a broad range of intellectual disciplines beyond their age-level peers

    These needs are addressed through gifted curriculum designed by Frederick County Public Schools Gifted Resource teachers. Curriculum is concept-based and focuses on problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, research skills and communication skills.