Secondary Instructional Staff

  • To reach a member of the Instructional Services staff, call 540-662-3889 and dial their direct extension.

    Dr. Juliette Myers
    Director of Middle & Secondary Instructional Services
    ext. 88202

    Alli Levene
    Supervisor of Science & Visual Arts
    ext. 88176

    Dominick Cavalier
    Supervisor of Social Studies and Health/PE
    ext. 88191

    Dr. Deb Crawford
    Supervisor of Mathematics & World Languages
    ext. 88133

    Mary Beth Echeverria
    Supervisor of Career & Technical Education
    ext. 88178

    Dr. Judi Greathouse
    Supervisor of Tiered Systems of Supports and Gifted Services
    ext. 88222

    Amy Hall
    Supervisor of English, Reading, Performing Arts, and Libraries
    ext. 88212

    Emily Headley
    Supervisor of English Language Learner Services
    ext. 88145

    Alison Post
    Work-based Learning Coordinator
    ext. 88216

    Abby French
    CTE Career Pathways Coach
    ext. 88276