Secondary Instructional Staff

  • To reach a member of the Instructional Services staff, call 540-662-3889 and dial their direct extension.

    Dr. Juliette Myers
    Director of Middle & Secondary Instructional Services
    ext. 88202

    Dr. Kelley Aitken
    Supervisor of Science & Visual Arts
    ext. 88176

    Dominick Cavalier
    Supervisor of Social Studies and Health/PE
    ext. 88191

    Dr. Deb Crawford
    Supervisor of Mathematics & World Languages
    ext. 88133

    Mary Beth Echeverria
    Supervisor of Career & Technical Education
    ext. 88178

    Dr. Judi Greathouse
    Supervisor of Gifted Services & Libraries
    ext. 88222

    Amy Hall
    Supervisor of English, Reading & Performing Arts
    ext. 88212

    Melissa McDonald
    Work-based Learning Coordinator
    ext. 88216

    Dr. Silvia Restivo
    Coordinator of ELL & School Counseling Services
    ext. 88145